Chilling with my Minions

I will let the photos speak for themselves (but of course I will add my own commentary)……

Silver found a haynet, kept quiet and was happily eating it all by himself.


The other three Minions were in the stable munching.


With them was Delia and Vitamin.


I love the way Vitamin stuffs as much hay as she can into her mouth!


I am not saying Vitamin is fat but Vitamin is fat and come spring, she goes to the hill park for slimming.


Delia was on good form and I gave her a nice brush (mane and tail), as well as everyone else.


Then Brá walked in, out of the sleet showers.  She is doing well though I have to be careful as, apparently, she tends to have very large foals.  Brá tells me she would like to eat hard feed 24/7 but I am ignoring this.


I put a horse rug down and sat on the floor amongst everyone.  Immediately, Waffle lay down beside me and nodded off.

L1200659 L1200678

Storm stood over me alternately asking for hugs or scratches on his bottom (he has a very itchy bum).  I duly obliged until he suddenly moved nearer, stopped asking and nodded off.  His hot pony breath was lovely.


It was lovely just listening to the sound of munching.  There was lots of munching and it is the best therapy I know for a crap day outside.


Of course, Waffle woke up and had to roll.


And then he came over to me for a hug.  At least it wasn’t sand. I hate wet sand.


Relaxing with my Minions is a good version of heaven.  I thoroughly recommend.

3 thoughts on “Chilling with my Minions

  1. Terri

    Oh yes, Vitamin’s tummy does look awfully close to the ground. As for The Preggy Lady, it’s the wee bairn that’s demanding food, she can’t help it (I remember eating like a horse in that condition). How satisfying to enjoy happy times with a happy herd. (not so sure about the hot pony breath being lovely though…)

  2. Linda K

    Lovely photos. Poor Vitamin looks startled at the idea of slimming! Beautiful Bra, how can you resist her?


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