Is this Spring?


Is it on its way?  Are we finally seeing the end of Winter?


The gelding/mare/foal herd ate their way through a large silage bale in less than 3 days!  Slightly horrified, I threw them out into the hill park to search for some grass.  Otherwise, all they do is stand on the silage, pee and pooh on it and then ask me for more food.  This is not happening.


Having said that, this afternoon I felt sorry for the Minions and let them through the gate to be in the Feeding Zone (new word for where there is unlimited silage around the house and in the stable).

I put up a haynet of silage and lots of piles in the stable as well.


The Minions, Les Grandes Dames and The Preggy Lady should have unlimited silage. The Big Ones can go look for it.

Sometimes I think I make my life unnecessarily complicated!


Meanwhile, The Boysenberries are also around the house eating whatever they can find.  As well as everyone else, I worry about my woolly guys and so they have two hard feeds a day as well as silage in their little field at night.  Lambie loves his silage.  It has to be from a fresh bale and must not touch the floor.  Some might say he is fussy!


And still they run after me telling me how starving they are!


(**** sigh **** I think I am an equine/ovine (**amended **) waitress and/or MUG!)


2 thoughts on “Spring?

  1. John Davies

    Looking like spring here except “way” to dry; I suspect you don’t have that problem there!

  2. Linda

    YES – that’s Spring! (and flower buds somehow know this – they’re the experts)

    Yes, you are the waitress around there, but I don’t think any of us who have animal-family could not feed them right? Some people love to feed other people, and some of us derive our satisfaction from feeding our animals. (Of course they take advantage of this, and work out the perfect way to get more and more but frankly who wouldn’t ?) 😉


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