The Under-Horses

You have underdogs and now I have under-horses.

A silage bale was put in the big field and I decided to let the under-horses have first dibs – Brá, Les Grandes Dames and The Minions.


This little herd never get first go at any bale as the others (aka Haakon, Iacs, Klaengur, Hetja and Hjalti) always hog it, sleep on it and keep it to themselves until there is nothing left worth eating.  I think I will start letting them eat the bale in shifts.  The Under-Horses can have the bale in the daytime and the Hoggers can have it at night.  Yes, that sounds like a plan that might work.


The under-horses ate and ate and ate until they couldn’t fit anymore in and I was very pleased.  I am glad they had a chance to enjoy the bale without the hassle of being pushed out.


Brá is guarded when it comes to others being near here.  She wants to look after her baby growing inside.  She trusts the Minions and Les Grandes Dames, which is good.

BN2A2557  BN2A2563

Seeing Brá happily sharing with her new little friends makes me realise that she is settled.


Disgusted with the snow, the Minions came indoors one at a time.


The Minions are not a huge fans of this kind of weather.


There are probably too many memories.

3 thoughts on “The Under-Horses

  1. Sam

    Love how you let the UnderHorses have a go first. And yes, The Minions do remember The Before while adoring you and The After. Good job!


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