Changed all around

I spent this afternoon changing my she-shed around. I have not been happy since I moved my work-table to the wall so the plants could have access to more light.  It felt all wrong.

Anyway, I was given this lovely make-your-own sheep garland which involved a certain amount of effort on my part, so I quickly delegated and asked the artistic one in the family (that would be Daisy) to create me something special.

And she did.  She made the Boyzen and Girlzenberries – twice!

Lambie, ‘Bert and ‘Ster…..

Edna, Madge and Missy.

There is even a Lambie with his yearly blue sprayed horns!

As well as a “normal” Lambie (I use the term “normal” in it’s loosest sense!)

As well as moving the tables around, I moved BeAnne’s bed and she seemed much happier.

I have hung up air plants in special glass holders that so far haven’t fallen on my head though I do bash into them every time I stand up!

I adore my shed now.  I have all my favourite things around me and everything is back where it should be.  I can see many happy hours ahead creating my creations.


6 thoughts on “Changed all around

  1. Sam

    Such a happy garland you have! One’s shed must evolve as one explores the best way to use the space.
    The plants might need some suction cups on 1 of the windows to stop the head bashing. Glad Her Maj approves the new layout.


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