Toughening up

This morning was endless rain.  I went to fill up the van with diesel. Boring but a necessity. We need the van to always be ready for any pony emergency.

This afternoon was spent packing veg for Transition Turriefield – an independent social enterprise scheme growing fruit and vegetables for the Shetland community.  Being this time of year, there was lots of fantastic veg and we kept going until it was done. As you can see, the fractal geometry of the beautiful romanesco was hypnotic.

A certain small person was very pleased to see us upon our return.  Her Maj, on her diet of antibiotics, heart pills, laxatives, liver supplements and steroids, is doing rather well. The appetite has improved – she unrepentantly scrounges and steals everything – and subsequently has now been re-classified as a “wee fatty” by the family.  I find it hard to say “no” having spent months watching her refuse to eat anything while fading away before my eyes.  The vet says I have to toughen up.  Wee Fatty now tips the scales at over 10kg.  I am saying nuffink and just thank the Gods we have been given this extra time (and possibly calories).  Now, I see this photo, I realise BeAnne is a little square!

Little Missy and her family often hang around the front door.  Ever optimistic.

Missy is still nursing (see the milk on her lips) but will soon be weaned. Edna is a fairly strong mother and has opinions as to when her little (ok, large) daughter can feed.  You see Edna is one tough Muvva.  I could take lessons from her.

I took this photo when I stood at the top of the hill (having been ragworting) a field that we used to rent out.  Yes, we live in the middle of nowhere.  It is perfect.

The flowers are still glorious though Autumn is on its way.

A glorious swathe of colour.

Upon reflecton of this post, I realise I need to be more like Edna and toughen up vis-a-vis BeAnne’s waistline!



6 thoughts on “Toughening up

  1. Sam

    I’d leave BeAnne’s waistline alone. She deserves anything healthy she can snarf up. Been down this road of a beloved critter not eating but then with meds, eating. Enjoy it. Savor it. And maybe hide the junk food from BeAnne. Lovely flowers.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    And whilst you have beauty in your area, we have fires, burning everything! Shall survive and bless our firefighters and all that are helping fighting these fires and helping people. We have friends who’ve got pictures of smoke from California and they’re in Idaho/Montana.

    I can look at your pictures and find peace. Thank you –

  3. diane in northern wis

    Love the pics of those flowers….so beautiful! Also love the square little BeAnne and Missy too.

  4. Linda

    Is it possible to give BeAnn some (low cal) veggies? Our dog just loves the carrot pieces we give her. She really likes most vegetables, actually.

    (More) beautiful photos – and those magic words “Autumn is on its way” – I can’t wait…


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