Daisy Rides

It was raining outside or, as we say, “good weather for ducks” and Daisy wanted to ride. Luckily we have an indoor school.

So I watched and she did all the work.

First up was Taktur.

He is just so handsome *** swoon ***.

It was good to see how they were getting on and my job was to stand in the middle and take photos.

She schooled all the gaits on both reins.

They worked hard.

…. And long reins, stretch and rest.

And then it was Kappi’s turn.

Again, it was good to watch.

Afterwards, Daisy took off his bridle…..

… looked for a treat….

…. fed the treat…..

…. and Kappi followed Daisy to have his headcollar put on!

I really enjoyed watching them all work.  Most interesting.


2 thoughts on “Daisy Rides

  1. diane in northern wis

    Love the pictures of these beautiful animals working out with your beautiful Daisy. Just lovely photos.


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