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Wuss is getting braver or Loki is chasing him less.  OH decided to make the most of the fact that Loki is also slightly sedated with painkillers and lack of testicles.  He took him to meet Wuss outside.


There was some wagging of the tail and looking shifty but Loki did not try to pull and chase and Wuss seemed fairly calm about things.  He is coming indoors more too which is a good sign he feels more comfortable.  Loki has to stay on a lead for 10-14 days post-op so now is the time to work on these skills, we feel.


Wuss, of course, is not helpful and can be found upside down on the driveway…..


… or imitating road kill.  Yes, he is a very big cat.  No, he is not fat.  No, we do not feed him  and yes, he does get his food from what he catches so, no, we cannot put him on a diet.  If you want to put him on a diet, you tell him!


Anyway, I don’t think Wuss looks too stressed with the newest member of the family.


He goes where he goes and if he meets Loki, well then, they will hopefully sort out their relationship.  Wuss is really a farm cat.  He comes and goes and chooses when he lives with us.  He does know his name and will come running to you, if you shout for him.  Ok, when I say running I probably mean wobbling hopefully.


Loki’s walks are, for the forseeable, on a lead.  Jack is on a lead because he hates walks and just turns tail when you are not looking to immediately go home.  You would think we were punishing them with this terrible torture that is a short dog-walk.


BeAnne is the only one to trust when it suits her.  She has taken to going off a-digging, taking herself off for a swim to try and wash the evidence away and then coming home soaking wet covered in mud.


On our walk to the end of the track, I heard a buzzing sound.  I have a huge fondness for bumblebees and there was a beautiful bumble bee.  They are very special and I am not sure what species it is to be honest.  I am hoping it is the Bombus muscorum (Shetland Bumble Bee) but I could be very wrong and would not dare to seriously identify it.  If you know, please let me know.

L1080210 L1080217 L1080219 L1080205

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  1. J

    Bumblebee person (? – if such a thing exists) here. The bumblebee does look like an uncommon form of B. muscorum (uncommon elsewhere but quite commonly seen at your location, I think). I believe all other Shetland bumblebee species have a white tail. Lovely photos.


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