Wash, Cut, Blow Dry and Pedicure

First, locate your pony and shout hopefully …


Fivla, recognising it was her who we obviously wanted, came galloping up doing her best Lady Diana impression (ever the star).


We caught her and Vitamin and loaded them into the trailer.  They are both professionals at this and just walk up the ramp with no discussion (my kinda pony).


We took them back to Jo’s, tied them up where they were brushed and given a pedicure (or foot trim).

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Vitamin had a chat with BeAnne as she is used to being beautified for photoshoots too.  These super-models have so much in common.


Then out came the buckets plus the beauty enhancing products.  We did use hot water even thought it was 19 degrees something outside.  The Burco boiler on over-time – a very useful piece of kit.


Fivla’s tail had to be biologically dealt with.  A yellow tail is not a good look.  We put it into soak for a while.


Then it was all hands on deck and Fivla and Vitamin were bathed.  All the winter filth and grease was washed off until they gleamed.


Then rinsed.  They have both done many shows in their youth, so are used to this treatment.


All the tats and knots were combed out.


One more rinse of Vitamin’s tail as Fiona found some bubbles when she was brushing.



Now perfect, we put them into Jo’s back garden to dry off, stay clean (as if) until Tuesday when they have their first public appearance.


We left them rolling…..


and meeting the neighbours.


Please stay clean, please stay clean, please stay clean – repeat ad nauseam!  and don’t let it rain on Tuesday or Wednesday and, while I am at it, no fog please either.  Is this starting to sound like  a list now?

2 thoughts on “Wash, Cut, Blow Dry and Pedicure

  1. Becky Glinka

    OMG – that dun! Sooo pretty! I think duns might be my new fave color horse/pony. Hope the ladies stay nice and clean for their upcoming photo shoots! The sheen on Vitamin is gorgeous! And Fivla is the beset looking white pony! Love them both. Thanks for sharing!


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