One and a Spare

Always, always, always, when you go out on horseback have one and a spare.  Thems are the rules.

I went on foot.  Daisy went on horseback.


I took Haakon with me so we could “bond” before I ride him at the beginning of August.


And off we plodded on the 2 mile walk with BeAnne in her beankini (Loki was at the vet to be castrated – tough but true – my OH was being manly and supportive for him).


Anywho, back to us.  We all set out and Daisy went off for her canter while Haakon and I blocked the gateway in case she ran out of control!


Haakon ate as much grass as he could on her behalf.  The Wall – none shall pass.


Actually there was far too much eating and Haakon and I had an exchange of views as he dragged me off to every blade of grass he could.  Bad and horrible manners.  It is not as though he is starving.


So on the way home, BeAnne was tired and she wanted to hitch a ride.  Iacs duly obliged.


She seemed happy enough watching the world go by from a better observation point and off they all pottered.


We met a friend and stopped for a chat.  Haakon remained ever-optimistic that every car has an endless supply of biscuits.  How wrong he was.  Only once did someone produce one and he has never forgotten.


Iacs was bored of his extra passenger, so she hopped off and onto her 2nd mount, Haakon.


And off she went again perfectly happily.  Haakon is used to this and takes it all in his stride.


We met OH on his travels with Jack(et Potato) who was missing Loki dreadfully.  They walked back with us.


And Haakon pulled me home with his tail.  He knows the score and that’s how we roll in this Shire!



4 thoughts on “One and a Spare

  1. Cate

    Motoring in Shetland on holiday thirty-five years ago, we always kept a supply of shortbread for ponies. They always came up, nickering and whuffling. We were clearly not the only ones who fed them biscuits from a car! 😉

  2. Freda Freestone

    Ahhh another ‘stoater’ (as we say in Glasgow, roughly translated as brilliant) blog from you Frances. I really enjoy them all as well as the fab photos which take me back years to the days we used to come for our annual hols.


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