Early Morning Outside

The other morning I was up and at ’em first thing.  I needed to take off Haakon’s rug that he had needed the night before.  The weather forecast was looking good, so the rug had to go.

The boys were all on the other side of the burn so, rather than walk all the way round, I jumped the burn at its’ narrowest point trying to hang onto a rather surprised and unhelpful Taktur.  Haakon would’ve known what to do – stand still while I heaved myself over using his mane and neck for stability.

There was definite mooching around on the side of the hill.

They did their usual “pleased to see you” and “have you got a carrot, by any chance” faces.

Iacs was having an away day by himself.  He does this.  He reminds me of Eeyore.

“We can’t all and some of us don’t. That’s all there is to it.”

A.A. Milne

It was good to see Haakon and Kappi with the youngsters.  I hope they are teaching them a thing or two.

When I walked off with Haakon’s rug, naturally I was followed.

The youngsters quickly overtook me, winding each other up while they played and trotted past.

Iacs decided he didn’t want to be left on his own and appeared over the horizon.

It was a beautiful morning to be in the horses’ field.


A lovely way to start the morning.

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