Call Me Madam!

We have a problem at Thordale.

Hetja won’t let Taktur near Brá.


Hetja makes it her business to always be in between Taktur and Brá.  I don’t think it is to protect Brá’s foal, Efstur, as Taktur is not an aggressive stallion and he gets on well with this little one.  He would never attack or kill him. He is not that kind of chap – just in case you are thinking he might.


It is strange, since Hetja, two years ago, didn’t really give Taktur the time of day let alone houseroom.  To be perfectly honest, I am surprised that Hjalti even appeared ten months’ later considering Hetja’s disdain for Taktur and his Handsome Prince advances.  These two spent most of their summer at opposite ends of the field.


This year, having served Hetja, Taktur is looking elsewhere.  His mind is occupied with another mushroomy smell and waving bottom.


Brá who, already with foal at foot, is very keen to make Taktur’s acquaintance.


She has lots of come-hither looks for Taktur.


For a few days now, I have been watching the whole situation very carefully  If Hetja has her way, I will end up with only one foal next year.


So, armed with a headcollar, I have been removing Hetja from the bedroom.

Today, as Flossie had just come home, she was given the job of babysitter……


…..  while Taktur and Brá got it together, without Hetja’s perpetual nterference.  Three times today!


So, fingers crossed, we have two foals next year.  That is the breeding plan.

3 thoughts on “Call Me Madam!

  1. Linda

    I don’t know why but this has a bit of a “soap opera” feel to it. 😉

    But fingers crossed for another foal!


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