A Wonderful Surprise

A cardboard box arrived from Denmark today and in it was……

…. my crofthouse, Thordale, beautifully made by Jogalong & Pogwash (multimedia art)


Complete with my beloved sheeps and Land Rover.


I love it.  I have cleared (and even cleaned, because that is how much I adore it) the shelf below the window where I sit and write on my laptop.  This house has pride of place.


What a lovely present from my friend, Barbara of Lille Rosendal and Riccarton DK Shetlandspony Stutteri.  She is the artist who made it – a very talented lady.


Look at the fencing?  I wish we had fencing as nice as this.  The bird table and the seat are perfect.  The only artistic licence is the two stable doors (front door and back door).  I have always wanted stable doors but my OH has always said no!  My Theory: maybe if OH sees how nice they look on this house, then perhaps I could have them in real life on my house (if you catch my drift).


This house is so nice I could almost live there.  Oh yes, but I do!

Thank you, Barbara, for making me go round for the whole of today with a huge smile on my face.  Every time I look up from my desk and see my house, I grin all over again!

It is perfect.


What a wonderful present.  My perfect little crofthouse.

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