Café Society

Every Friday in our local village Walls, about 4 miles away, the Methodist Church plays host to a lunch time café.

It is a great place to see folk, meet up and have a natter accompanied with delicious soup, the best bacon roll I have ever had, along with a selection of excellent homemade cake.  Apparently they serve other things, but that’s always my go to, along with a pot of tea.  Today I dragged OH with me.  I try to go most Fridays just because I always see friends and enjoy myself.  It makes a change.

After a very nice lunch, we drove home and I was back in my shed making sheeple.  I am going into town tomorrow so want to take in as many as I can.

All day the rain has been on and off – the rule is if I leave the big shed door open, then the rain is torrential and soaks everything, and if I shut it, the sun shines and I then regret my decisions for the whole day.

I can’t win.

I know that.


5 thoughts on “Café Society

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    Well that looks like you had a very lovely varied and enjoyable day. I do love those people, and if you could make me whenever that would capture Lambie in all of his beauty and elegance, I would love to buy it…

  2. Sam

    Your lunch looks very yummy. Nice way to meet up with neighbors. Sorry Mother nature is playing tricks on you and your door.

  3. Yvonne

    What a beautiful well loved and maintained church . , it’s charming, the food and cakes look very impressive too. I definitely would be a regular Friday visitor.

  4. darby callahan

    How nice that after spending so much time caring for your diverse family you can take this time for yourself. ‘What a beautiful rainbow!


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