Shetland Wool Week Makers’ Market

Ponies, sheep, horses, dogs, ducks were all fed quickly this morning.  I threw their buckets at them and then in a made rush I drove to Lerwick for the 2023 Shetland Wool Week Makers’ Market, where I was meeting an old friend from New Mexico, USA.  We were going to shop!

There were two large rooms full of lovely things and today I am not ashamed to say I started my Christmas shopping.

The Market was in two rooms and we wandered around looking at all the amazing wool-related items.  I saw some friends too and stopped for a chat.


And this was my absolute most favourite stall, for obvious reasons – possibly all things sheep related.

The ease of which I spent money was positively scary but I tell myself this is for Christmas and I am just getting in early and being efficient. Yer, go me!


We had a nice lunch and then onwards home where I put my friend to work!  So, all good and Christmas is on its way to being sorted.  There’s a lot of talent in Shetland I didn’t know about.

6 thoughts on “Shetland Wool Week Makers’ Market

  1. Sam

    I am in love with the sheep photos. Is that a local artist? Can you share their info? Now I have make sure Little miss Maine Coon is ok if Sister and I take a day off for the NY Sheep&Wool Festival later this month.

  2. Christine

    Such wonderful things!
    The trouble I have with early holiday shopping is by the time December arrives, I have either forgotten what I bought or I find another gift I think they might like better! It all seems to work out, so I‘ve come to accept my impulsive (and occasionally forgetful) seasonal buying habits.

  3. NancyMac

    Could you tell me what the name of the shop with the Shetland Sheep coasters and things is called? Hope lots of your sheeples sold during SWW.


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