Busy Busy

Today has been a busy old day for me – 2 medical appointments and, as it was such a calm day, I couldn’t be arsed to spend the time in between Christmas shopping, so I drove about taking a few photos.

These are the Commonwealth War Graves looking out to Bressay – http://en.tracesofwar.com/article/4029/Commonwealth-War-Graves-Lerwick.htm


The entrance to Bressay Sound, the “Sooth Mooth” or South Mouth.  Us incomers are called “Sooth-Moothers” by Shetlanders as we come to Shetland on the boat, via this stretch of sea, the South Mouth of the harbour.  It is considered a derogatory term.

BN2A5921  BN2A5924 BN2A5926

Bressay Lighthouse – “It was one of four lighthouses built in Shetland between 1854 and 1858 which were designed by brothers David Stevenson and Thomas Stevenson. David Stevenson initially maintained that building a lighthouse in Shetland waters was impossible, too dangerous and too expensive, and that any ship’s captain who took this route was mad.”

It is a holiday home now, available to rent – amazing apparently – http://www.shetlandlighthouse.com/bressay-lighthouse


In between appointments, I drove around Lerwick looking at the amazing sky change constantly.


It was one of those days when you go over the crown of a hill and say “I wish I had my camera”.  This happens quite often to me but today, I had brought it and took full advantage.

BN2A5966  BN2A5982

It was a “day between weathers” and so, so calm.  The lochs were like glass.  Tomorrow is a gale and rain, then snow.  Should be fun.


So a successful day in as much as I went to the Pain Clinic and was told that as everything was going so well, I didn’t need more spinal injections (phew!) but I can go back if necessary and won’t be dropped off the waiting list.  So that is a good back-up plan to have if needed.  Hopefully I am just moving forwards now and getting better.  Not going backwards.


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