Trying to Walk

I tried to walk the dogs – twice. We managed Jack’s potter to the end of the track and back – that is all he can do without making a huge fuss.  You walk him on the way out on a lead and then turn him round, unclip and watch him trot home.  He likes his routine and woe betide anyone who strays from that.

But I (plus Loki and probably BeAnne) need the exercise.  It helps me sleep better having had some fresh air during the day and it is all part of my physio and fitness régime.  I like to walk 2 miles a day if I can either in the hill or down the road.


We set out with the best intentions.  There was a strong wind (Force 7) blowing straight down the track and it made it almost impossible to walk in.  On our 2nd attempt, Loki and BeAnne were being blown backwards and I couldn’t make much progress either.  It was very cold too.


The horses didn’t care at all.  They were oblivious to the weather and remain rugless, stableless and perfectly alright.

L1050789 L1050790 L1050791

I watched Haakon and Taktur playing in the distance.  That is a good sign.


There is an Yellow Alert in place from the Met Office tonight.  Yuk.  Heavy snow and more gales.


If the horses look like they are suffering tomorrow, I will move them into another field.  Play it by ear.  Nothing is written in stone.


I am sort of excited about the snow coming as everything will twinkle and look beautiful.  It covers up all the mud and shit!


Winter is definitely coming!  


It will be interesting to see what Loki thinks of snow.  He was very unimpressed with our last smattering.  Her Maj luffs it and goes like a demon everywhere.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 16.36.08

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