What I want for Christmas

I participated in a “Top of My Christmas List is….” thing on Facebook today.  It didn’t take much thought or consideration really.  I just want my girls home safely.  Then the festivities can begin.  Not before.

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Going through my photos (part of the cull to regain some computer space), I came across these and inwardly smiled to myself.  They were taken a few days before I went to hospital for my ankle.

This is the last time I rode my horse, Haakon (ignore my feet, please). I haven’t ridden since.


Daisy’s last request before she went back to St Andrews was to snog the bebbies – Lyra, Carina and Zoot.  These were taken at the end of August, I think.  Interestingly, they all have the same hair style.  Must be a student thing.

BN2A9715 BN2A9717  BN2A9750 BN2A9765 BN2A9797

Then I took Daisy back to St Andrews and I haven’t seen her since.  We all miss her, especially Lyra and Bimble.

Point-of-Interest – Hugh Grant is banned from the restaurant (bottom right) and apparently the university.


Another POI, this is also the longest I haven’t seen Flossie for.  8 1/2 weeks.

BN2A0263 BN2A0265 BN2A0279  BN2A0300

She comes home earlier than Daisy – next week and I wonder whether we will get her back on a horse again?  My dream, this holidays, is to go on a ride with both my daughters, though I will probably be the one crying at the back!


Everyone is putting up pictures of Christmas decorations on Facebook and ours won’t go up until both my bebbies are home, which is not until the 20th at the earliest.  I am counting the days.  When they are safely home, I will be able to relax.  Not until then.

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