Busy Bee!

It’s a bit all or nothing at the moment.  Pepper is either awake and pinging off the ceiling or fast asleep. There is nothing in between.

We have progressed to walking off a lead, which is much easier on us all.

Pepper, so far, is pretty obedient on a walk but easily distracted. However she still looks for me to be around to back her up.  The hens and ducks are probably doomed but we will see how we go.  I would be sad if she killed the lot but I can’t say she would be the only dog who didn’t.  Everyone else has had history, even the sainted BeAnne (killing chickens and running through ducks to make the fly!)  If it looks like there is no stopping Pepper, then we will quickly find homes for the poultry rather than wait and watch the carnage.  The sheep are a different matter as they are bigger and today Pepper met them off a lead.  Maggie did not back down and that was good. She made Pepper run back to me.  I am trying to promote a healthy respect rather than constantly shouting “no”.  I think Maggie may be perfect for this job.

Saint Monster (beatification pending) remains a cool dude and very good at keeping Pepper’s enthusiasm under his control.

He puts up with a lot.

But he takes no prisoners, either, and Pepper knows this.

Today we went to the vet and Pepper had her first vaccination injections.  She had put on 0.3kg since her last visit and the vet was pleased with her progress.

6 thoughts on “Busy Bee!

  1. Sam

    Full on or Full off is a puppy’s Modus Operandi And she is stinking cute! Good thing Professor Monster is on hand to teach Good Manners. And we need to let dogs do what they are bred for. Is there a Duck relocation service on Shetland?

  2. Sue

    Hi I’m an old school friend of Kenneth Webster. He suggested i follow your blog as I too have a Patterdale . His name is Mr Patch and I have had him for just over 5 years since I adopted him at 11 months old. Beautiful souls but hard work and stubborn as hell. Xx

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oh dear, I hope Pepper doesn’t start chasing your ducks. Just one more thing to worry about I guess. Although it sounds like you won’t worry…..you’ll just get rid of them. Hope you don’t end up having to do that….but time will tell, as it always does. Glad Monster is keeping Pepper in line.

  4. Linda

    Well, of course Pepper is either bouncing off the walls or sleeping: she’s a puppy! (I do believe human children just like that?)

    And good on Monster for taking on the task of “puppy sitting”!! There’s more to him than we realize…


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