Hill Life

I went to visit everyone up in their new hill field. Once we discovered Waffle and Tiddles’ ghastly predicament yesterday, we moved everyone as quickly as possible.  I am terrified of laminitis for the rest of the herd.

Much to Vitamin’s horror! She is not a fan of this field.

And is seriously unimpressed living on the side of a hill with really grotty “poor” unfertilised hill grass. She liked the lush stuff.

So I walked up to their field to see (and check) them all.

They will be here for a while to lose weight in the Autumn equinox gales.

Sadly, it is the only way. I didn’t even bring carrots. I can’t. Not now I am scared.  I may lose my job as their Muzzah, apparently.  Cruel to be kind.

Waffle and Newt are now on Day 2 in prison.  Waffle spends his days trying to look enchanting in the hopes I will let him out.

No chance. I brushed them instead. A poor substitute for freedom.  It’s going to be a very long haul.

The boys aren’t finishing their ad-lib fibre, but they do eat their buckets of anti-inflammatories and analgesia.  Today I picked my neighbour’s nettles as these improve blood circulation. I got stung through gloves.  I am going to dry the nettles, chop them up and put it in their food. The things I do for my boys.  Absolutley no gratitude either.

5 thoughts on “Hill Life

  1. Sam

    No body likes to be quarantined, be it the house or in a new field. But needs must. I did have a chuckle that males, no matter the critter, do not make very good patients. We know you are doing your very best for these Minions, even if they don’t know it. Hugs from New England!

  2. diane in northern wis

    So sorry that this happened to your sweet minions. Surely hoping and praying that they will get better soon. Can’t they even have their favorite carrots? I know you’re doing the right things….even though Vitamin isn’t too thrilled about it all. May each day be better than the last!

  3. Jayne

    It’s over 40 years since I rode and I have probably forgotten what little I ever knew, so I rummaged around online to read about laminitis. Oh, holy hell – I had no idea what a ghastly condition it is. Love and healing thoughts to you all, and praying you’ve caught this early enough. xx

  4. Christine

    One of my horse’s barn buddies suffers from this and she feeds him a snack of celery or lettuce. Not quite as exciting as carrots, but at least you wouldn’t go visiting empty handed 🙂


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