An Interesting Observation

Well, it is a tad feisty out so I relented and opened up the stable for everyone.  No food – just shelter was on offer.

I even had a bit of a sit down while waiting to see who would come in and join us.

Obviously there were my three loyal friends so I spent my time taking arty-farty photos of them while no one else appeared.

Meanwhile, outside, everyone was standing in the storm.  They knew the stable was open.

I mean, seriously, it was vile out there.

But no, they wouldn’t go into a nice warm, dry, quiet stable.  No, why would you?

And still they hunkered down.

This afternoon, having not moved at all, Daisy and I put a bale of hay into the stabe and spread it around.  We called the little ones who immediately went inside and we shut them in.

I drove to Sandness to check on the four who live there – all fine – and I gave them a bag of carrots.

Upon my return, the bigger ones had discovered the shed, so I let them in as well (ie the little ones had first dibs on the hay without being bullied).

So, my theory is that if there is no food in the stable, my ponies and horses would rather be outside in vile weather.

If there is food, then, of course, they will suffer to be indoors.  Oh yes, how they suffer.

Meanwhile, the three loyal best friends went into Lambie’s Bedroom No 2 (no wifi, no radio) where I had put hay for them.

The doors are all open so everyone can come and go.  As I write this, everyone is back outside again.

I give up!  I did try, honestly.

7 thoughts on “An Interesting Observation

  1. Linda

    Well, I’d say you’ve done everything you can. (Sort of a take off of “you can lead a horse to water, but…”)
    At least you can relax inside, warm and toasty, knowing they’ve got shelter if they want it.

  2. Sharon

    Thank you so much for you lovely Advent photos – I have enjoyed looking at them each day. I also enjoy reading your blog. Merry Christmas from the west coast of Canada.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    You’ve made me feel better about having left mine out in the field tonight! I was going to keep them in but it felt ridiculously mild and the others were grazing in the middle of the field so I decided they wouldn’t come to too much harm! I think we’ve missed the worst of the storm.. How’s your little invalid?

  4. Trish

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Frances. Good to see all is okay after Storm Barbara – they all looked very cosy in their various shelters.


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