Bozz-Bozz Fan Club Update

I know little Thordale Borealis (aka Bozz-Bozz) had quite a following here on Internet-land.  He was a character and entranced all he met.  I mean, what is not to love and that nose is definitely for snogging?


In July, Jo cleaned the scruff-bag, sorry registered Shetland pony colt, and turned him into a Respectable Citizen.  We packed his red spotty hankie, put it on a stick and sent him on his travels to his new home.


Bozz-Bozz loaded like a pro onto the Northlink Freight horsebox.  We said our goodbyes telling him to do us proud.


Bozz-Bozz probably offered to steer the ship south to Aberdeen for the captain.  He is that kind of “helpful” little chap.


Anyway, that all seems ages ago and I miss the little chap.  He was a constant source of smiles during a dreary winter.  I taught him and his brother, Arcturus, to eat carrot slices.


Bozz-Bozz undertook a long, long journey and now lives in Jersey, Channel Islands with a number of his compatriots, including Whiffy’s son and heir, Snoggin (the dapple grey) who is the spit of his mother and pulls a cart beautifully.


I was reminded of Bozz-Bozz when his new owner put up a whole load of photos on FB recently.  I have shamelessly stolen them and hope she doesn’t mind (insert weak hopeful grin, here).

So for the Bozz-Bozz Fan Club (Official), here are some recent photos of the boy.  His owners love him very much and appreciate his sense of humour, which is lucky!  They even took him to a show when he arrived and said “Boris won his entry fee back. Clever little man!” so that was a success.


And here is the little lad now.  He is growing and doing very well.  He is destined to be gelded, I think, and then a driving future awaits.

1477794_10152421841280620_629128371_n  1471313_10152417362350620_440686107_n

A darling Thordale boy.



2 thoughts on “Bozz-Bozz Fan Club Update

  1. Crickett Hoffman

    Wow. Mr. Elegant. And he’s got his own “room” in his new home. Glad to see the little man has a wonderful place to call home.

  2. Nicky Callam

    I am thrilled (as self proclaimed president of the Bozz-Bozz fan club) to see the little lad again! I have missed him. Nicky aka Pandora.


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