Looking Forward

My plaster has been off for a month now.  Yay.  That is eight weeks of my life I will never get back.  I have also made the concerted effort to take no more painkillers either.  If I can manage the pain, then I must learn to live with it.  Mostly this theory works.


I have religiously been doing my physiotherapy exercises and have 100% of ankle movement back.  I have returned to walking my 2 miles every day on the road.  Sometimes I go onto the hill or in the field and it is not as difficult as I thought it would be.  I just have to be careful.  BeAnne is always by my side.  She loves the walks and bounces about happily missing every rabbit she puts up.


The winter walks can be hard going sometimes, especially if the weather is not helpful.  Today was no exception.  There was a good strong wind and it blew against me all of the way out and then rain all the way home.  I came home feeling very virtuous, if soaked.


Today’s reward for my strenuous effort (walking into the wind must use more muscle effort and calories)  however was a double a rainbow over my little house and I managed to capture it on my piddly phone.  I am rather pleased with that photo.


There are some spectacular winter sunsets too this time of year.


So I will keep walking to get my fitness back and then I will be ready to start riding again in the New Year. This is enough of an incentive to keep me walking.   I have all sorts of plans for next year – out and about south with my camera.  There will be no stopping me then. 


I will be pleased to say goodbye to 2013.  That double rainbow is for me and my future.





5 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Crickett Hoffman

    We don’t get double rainbows. I guess we aren’t double lucky like Shetland.

    Love Hammy’s grin. No need for orthodontia there.


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