Feeling Bad

I am feeling a bit bad – the sheeple didn’t have their spa day.  The shearers had a prior, and possibly more important, engagement so we have postponed until tomorrow.

So Daisy and I went to Lerwick to get supplies for the trip south next week.  Flossie stayed at home and went riding as well as checking/feeding the horses.

Flossie also had to keep Monster amused and accompanied too.  He hates being on his own.


BeAnne just sat and waited for us to come home because that’s what she always does.  She waits longingly.

To make up for the lack of sheeple pampering, I bought them a packet of ginger biccies which I duly distributed.

Yes, BeAnne got one too!  So tomorrow is The Day.  Sorry to disappoint.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Bad

  1. Lisa

    I love that you call their appointment “spa day” as that what I call our visit from the farrier!!


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