Boys, Boys, Boys

Floss and I went to see IndyPingPong and Hammy again.  This time with carrots.


Hammy is doing his best to be supportive (or is that Indy supporting Hammy) and they are close friends, which is good.


Hammy knows that if Indy will play, then everything will be better.  He does try but Indy doesn’t want to at the moment.  Jo says they were thrilled to see each other and do play but I haven’t seen this yet.


But Indy is not in the mood for a game because he has sussed there may be carrots….


So, while Floss shovelled carrots into Hammy, I gave Indy his ration, scratched his chest for him while kissing his nosey and told him that everyone out in Blog-Land loves him and thinks he is gorgeous.


He took it all in his magnificent stride and I hope he is beginning to believe us.


Meanwhile, back at Thordale, the Icelandics are happily not missing anyone, not even Hammy.


Daisy dished out some broccoli stalks over the fence.


There was no arguing or barging, just the art of gentle persuasion ….


…. and Jedi mind tricks.


Everyone had their fair share.  Daisy always donates equally to every good cause.


She even told Taktur that his recent behaviour was not gentlemanly and he may have listened a little.  I doubt it, though.  He is going through his Kevin stage at the moment so there is not much hope.


This is the view from my backdoor.  Perfect.  My Icelandic boys.


Is it wrong to wish I had IndyPingPong and Hammy here too?

5 thoughts on “Boys, Boys, Boys

  1. Cate

    No, I’m betting we all wish Hammy and PingPong were there too, but I’m PMSL at Taktur’s “Kevin stage.”


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