Poor PingPong

In the pouring rain, I went to see IndyPingPong and Hammy in their new quarters.  I wanted to check that Indy was alright after yesterday’s fracas.


Hammy will be Indy’s only winter companion now which is sad because he loved being with the other geldings last year.  If Taktur moved to another field, I would have Indy back in a heartbeat.  Last winter was the happiest I have ever seen him.  But what to do with Taktur?  He needs to be trained this winter, using the indoor school at mine.  He needs his company too.  If I put them in separate fields at Thordale, they will both spend their days looking at each other….. plotting, which is not healthy.

BN2A9208 BN2A9210

I called them both over to have a chat.


Hammy barged past and I could see Indy was not pleased about this but let it go.

BN2A9224 BN2A9225

While Hammy hopped up and down the fence doing every circus trick he could think of to get my attention, I tried to talk to Indy.  He was not happy and still rather scarred emotionally too, I could tell – I know him very well.  He was not his usual bouncy self.


Depressed, even.


This is not like my Indy and I will go down everyday, even tying up Hammy if I have to, to talk to my special boy.


Carrots, I need carrots.  A good supply.


4 thoughts on “Poor PingPong

  1. Diana

    So sorry for Indy. Body language says it all. Shut down..poor little man.
    Hope he settles with Hammy or alternative company can be found.


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