Struie Pippa FOR SALE

We thought we would sell Struie Pippa last year but withdrew her from Aberdeen Sales as the prices were pathetic.  We then had a recount and thought we could manage.


One spinal operation and another ankle operation pending, who are we kidding?   So the decision has been made.  Pippa is for sale again and this time she is going to the Lerwick Marts on Friday, 4th October.


I will be sad but I must be realistic.  She is a lovely mare who has some absolutely incredible foals – Thordale Erebus (2nd in his class at the International Breed Show, now a licensed stallion), Thordale Dougal – in The Czech Republic waiting to be licensed as a stallion and Thordale Phyllis, a lovely mare who just wanted to be hugged.  I loved all her foals and miss them hugely.

Anyway, Struie Pippa – she is 40″ Black Mare, born: 08.05.01 (so 12 years old) By Glenbogie Stroller (004441) Out of Cassochie Pollaidh (016917).   Her breedlines combine the best of Wells (Vijay), Transy and Harviestoun.  A good substantial lady who has superb foals.


I will be sad to see her go but needs must.  We have many mares and my ankle is now added to my knackered spine – the list of ongoing medical miseries that doesn’t seem to be getting any better.   Sometimes reality has to kick in.


Pippa has a good abundance of mane. She moves well, eye-catching, square and with flair.  This sale is due to necessity rather than choice.


And the most beautiful expressive head.


Dammit, I hate sale time.  I really do.  Life is not fair at the moment.  Someone is going to get a bargain and a huge asset to their Stud.

3 thoughts on “Struie Pippa FOR SALE

  1. Linda

    Dilemma. How sad it must be indeed. Hope that you will find a good trustworthy person to have her. I am sorry you have to part with such a beautiful pony. Think of it as her way of helping you go on to a better state!


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