Do Not Disturb

This is the sight that greeted me from the end of my garden.

Three little boys fast a-bye-byes in the long buttercups.


I wandered quietly about with my camera to see various horses having a rest from the stresses and strains of everyday life trying not to disturb anyone.


Iacs was with Kappi.


Haakon was with Klaengur.


I was a little concerned as I could not immediately see Tiddles but I found him slightly further up the field having a kip.


Silver immediately got up to say hello.


And then Tiddles though they were still very sleepy boys.  Like toddlers after a daytime nap.


Taktur was also missing but I quickly realised he was on sentry duty in his hut, with only some chickens as friends.

This was not a shed built for horses but they all love it and take it in turns (or not) to squeeze themselves into it with no fighting or guarding.


Meanwhile, all my creeping about with my camera had not woken Storm and Waffle even slightly.


Dear little Storm had the most blissful smile on his face as he slept.


I wonder what he was dreaming about?


5 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb

  1. Rebecca Final

    I believe that only when horses truly feel safe and secure will they lay flat out and sleep. How lovely to see your herd so very comfortable in the sunshine and wildflowers. It must have made you feel so good. They have a wonderful life. I love the peaceful look on Storm’s face.


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