Boring Squeaking Rubber Chickens

So I thought to myself, I did, what would happen if I gave the squeaky rubber chickens to Iacs and Klængur?  Wouldn’t they be thrilled and play with them, thinking that squeaky rubber chucks were probably the most exciting toy ever….?  After all, Klængur likes to play with his bucket and the cones in the arena.  He is always picking them up. Hours of endless fun.

So I put the squeaky toys in their trough (an old fish box) nicely out of the mud. They were given a perfunctory sniff.

I placed one on the rim for easier access to the excitement.

And it was politely ignored.

So that was that. Why bother?

Monster went a bit weird over them previously.  No suprise there then.

So I returned the squeaky rubber chickens to their rightful place – hung up in our porch inside Shetland pony collars with a promise to Daisy that I wouldn’t give them to Efstur and Dreki as she didn’t want Efstur to possibly spontaneously combust with the excitement!

(and yes, that’s Iacs’ crown for his more “Regal” moments.)

This is what happens when you have time on your hands and a very handsome horse!




5 thoughts on “Boring Squeaking Rubber Chickens

  1. Sam

    You do know that those chickens are not something YOU value, like say a cone or bucket. Older Gents don’t play with Minion toys. Not when one of them wears The Crown so well and in a dashing style. No idea what Monster’s story is.

  2. linda kirk

    You do your best to amuse them, to no avail. The ungrateful wretches 🙂

    Iacs’ crown suits him, I think he should wear it every day!


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