Please Avert Your Gaze

While Iacs and Klængur were busily not playing with the squeaky rubber chicken yesterday, Monster came running over to investigate.

He liked being outside with us (an Abba moment with Lambie).

As usual, he was slightly visible.

Ever the keen hunter.

He said hello to second Best Friend.

Though walked off when ‘Ster came up for a chat.

Monster – “mud, mud, mud – ew, ew, ew. I shouldn’t have to walk on this”

That is not a happy Monster.  Ears back and muttering to himself.

He did that waving his front paws thing that cats do when they have dirty feet.

Now please avert your gaze if you have a weak stomach.

This is what I found last night when we were trying to go to sleep.  Monster had been outside and came in wet from the rain. He wanted his First Best Friend (OH) to know this so there was immense purring – the sort when you wish cats came with a volume knob.

Just so you know, OH is under his duvet while Monster was on his pillow. OH signalled he was still alive!

And this is where Monster decided to spend the night.  Fer crying out loud – get a room, you two!

It was very funny and I was laughing. However, OH was not.  Monster was very persistent and loud.



5 thoughts on “Please Avert Your Gaze

  1. Sam

    Oh Monster! From icky muddy paws to having to share Human #2 with a , gasp, sheep! Only to find your perfect human with a duvet! Reminds me of a cat we bottle fed that became my step-dad’s shadow. Heaven forbid if my mom got into bed after those two were snuggled down, the cat was apt to drag mom’s clothing out of the hamper and piss on them when she would boot him off the bed. Never dad’s clothing, only mom’s. Good luck with the warm purring monster who adores OH and reclaiming your part of the bed.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I so miss having a cat- seeing Monster makes me wish my dog didn’t believe her mission in life is to rid the world of cats (and that’s despite the fact she was brought up with one!). I’d forgive Monster even if his paws were a bit muddy! Happy New Year, Frances, OH, Flossie and Daisy. x

  3. diane in northern wis

    Ha…..I was preparing to see some nasty dead mouse or something….it was only Monster being loveable.
    I do like that cat……he is so nice and big and puff-balliish! And he certainly seems to like all of you, especially OH. You have many crazy characters round your place. I love seeing all the different characters every day. Thanks for a great blog!


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