Blowing a Hooley

It has been “blowing a hooley” for almost 24 hours now but it is very gradually dying down now.  Last night my little house creaked like an old wooden ship at sea.  But, as my old neighbour used to say “Frances, your house has been there for hundreds of years; it’s not going anywhere now” and that gives me comfort when I am lying in bed wondering whether the roof will blow off!

Today, I fed the sheep in the stable (they didn’t want to leave and had to be evicted), scrambled up the hill to feed handfuls of TurmerAid and hoof supplement to the old men.  They couldn’t have their usual chaff in buckets as they would’ve blown away.

I also brushed Her Maj.

And the cat.

Then, I drove to Leradale to see the Minions.  Yesterday, we just threw them into the first field and decided to move them to the hilly bit at a later stage.

Seeing that they were already there, I went down with a bag of veg peelings, threw them in the air and ran back to shut the gate before the ponies worked out what I was up to!


I am so glad (and relieved) they are all safely at Leradale now.

There was lightning forecast and they had been in the “lightning field”. I never saw or heard anything, though.

Then over to Sandness, checked the mares (ok, drove past – they were fine and the fence is barbed wire so difficult to get over), shut the gates in the old Minion field, tidied up some errant electric fence tape and drove home.

It was especially hard work when the wind was giving its best – Force 11 – but I got it done and I will sleep well tonight.

5 thoughts on “Blowing a Hooley

  1. Dee Savage

    Hi Frances,
    Am wondering how Her Maj is doing? I’ve been afraid to ask. But she looks like she’s doing OK. I sure hope so. She’s a darling.

    1. Frances Post author

      Her Maj is doing ok. I am scared to say because the minute I do, I swear she reads this and takes a turn for the worse!

  2. Hella Wähaus

    So nice to see the rough beauty of shetland islands! 🙂 I am feeling like I should come to visit shetland again. Hope you are doing well!

  3. Christine

    Force 11 is a whole lot of wind! Be careful and be very glad there aren’t many (or any) tall trees near your home or pastures. It’s something we’re always are aware of in my part of the planet.


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