On the Move

The weather forecast for the next 48 hours is horrendous so Daisy and I made the lightening decision to move the Minions in a very small weather window this morning.

With the “red sky in the morning”, we went out as soon as it was light, did our home chores as quickly as possibly and then, armed with our Cunning Plan and many carrots, we drove over to the Minion field.

First up, we moved Vitamin and Fivla during the morning “rush hour” as we knew they would load while traffic went past. The van is parked on the side of the road.  We chose Fivla and Vitamin because then they would be waiting quietly for the next load, thus preventing unnecessary panic/stupidity and jumping over fences looking for their herd (it has been known).

Second up were Lilja and Sóley.  Sóley is not the best loader, in fact she doesn’t load but Daisy and I have spent a bit of time quietly working on this speshul skill and we approached it with calmness and she walked in like a dream.  Phew!  Clever girl.

Third load was Albie, Newt and Silver and the last was Storm, Waffle and Tiddles.  At this stage, they practically put on their head-collars and loaded themselves.

So that’s that.  It took 3 hours.  My back is complaining bitterly (I have to put up the heavy ramp, while Daisy stays in the van holding all the ropes, climbs over the barrier and I let her out the back door – this is our system and it works).

Everyone was perfect and I thank the Gods for that. We did have a Plan B if Sóley wouldn’t load – basically to leave Fivla and Vitamin at Leradale and give the remainers a bale of hay to get them through the next 48 hours.


4 thoughts on “On the Move

  1. M in NC

    Maybe the herd is getting the hang of moving to new fields.
    Sometimes they walk, sometimes they ride.

    Keep safe and dry
    M in NC

  2. Sam

    While I am sorry your back did not approve of the work to move the Minions Large and Small – I will rest easier knowing they are all tucked up safe and sound.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    You seem to have more than your fair share of the horrible weather. I hope you have some dry, sunny days soon!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Hooray….you did it! You got everybody loaded and moved to a better place! Well done! Love the pics of everybody and happy to know you got it all done so quickly. Bravo!


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