Bloody Sheep

We’ve had a terrific storm these past few days. The vile weather has been unceasing but at lunchtime today it finally stopped and we all breathed a huge sigh of relief.  We had one casualty – an old wooden garden table is now in its component parts.

I haven’t seen the sheep since my return.  They had galloped off into the hill last week.

So, armed with a visual pink bucket I trudged off into the open hill and was very quickly found by Lambie.

I also brought ginger nuts.

Lambie was happy.  He had his mum (and his bucket) back.

I could not see ‘Bert or ‘Ster anywhere so Lambie and I went further into the scattald to look for them.

Eventually I spied the boys watching me from a great distance.  They had no intention of coming home so I waved my secret weapon – the ginger biccies – and they quickly hurried over.

We walked back to the furthest gate that opens back into my land and I lured them in.

We then walked through my fields –  they all followed rather contritely.

When we got home, I fed everyone their missed breakfast – only one – they ‘re not having a week’s worth off me for leaving home.

Then the whole lot, to a sheep, went and stood by the front gate to go back out into the hill again.  At that stage, now in a fury, I put them into the only field they can’t escape from, now known as “Alcatraz”. The Boyzenberries can think on about their behaviour and I must work out a Cunning Plan to stop them doing this again.  The rams are in the hill and hormones are flying around so that is why my lot want to be out too.

My only consolation is that they came home with lovely hill decorations on their wool.

(I am secretly glad to have my Boyzenberries home).


5 thoughts on “Bloody Sheep

  1. janet ainsworth

    Frances…love the look on their faces…and ginger nuts..who knew that sheep love ginger nuts! Every day brings a new nugget of knowledge!

  2. diane in northern wis

    So glad your secret weapon lured the sheep back home. What a bunch of crazies! You’ve sure got a lot of critters to keep track of and you’re so smart….you seem to be able to think like each kind of critter to figure out what they’re up to. What a big job you have Frances….and you do it soooo well.

  3. Terri

    Of course the Boyz think they hear the Call of the Wild — although it may be only a distant memory. I don’t blame you for worrying. I love the looks on their faces in the second to last photo! (“ok, we’ve had ginger nuts and brekkie, so please let us out again”) I don’t think so!


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