My Not So Little Pest

The routine now involves driving over the hill to Leradale to check everyone living there.

Always, without fail, Lilja appears out of nowhere and follows me (or whoever is doing the checking) around.

She accompanies me down the hill to the Minion field, usually walking behind hopping and skipping to herself but never intimidating or mean (I hate that).  I can almost hear her singing little songs to herself as she goes.

I think Lilja splits her day – half spent with the Minions and half with the “grown-ups”, ie her Mum and her boring fat friend.

I did think about letting Lilja back in with her Minions but she would get less food and that is not good for a growing young lady.

And so, once I have dished out the hugs and kisses to every Minion as fairly and squarely as I can, I walk back up the hill with Lilja, again, following like a well-trained hound (which is something I can only dream of as Her Maj favours, at this stage, the sit-down-strike and I have to pick her up and lug her to the car.  A teacup dog, BeAnne is not.)

A cursory glance from the grown-ups who barely register my extremely caring existence.

A kiss goodbye to Lilja who is now begging to come home with me.  She really is a people-person.

And off I drive back to the boy herd who live in the fields at Thordale.

I do wish Lilja could come back home but it is just not logistically possible at the moment.

I do love my little pest.  She is a very special little horse.

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