Best Dog in the World

All the ducklings are doing well in their separate nurseries.  This is the latest batch and, yes, as ever, Mrs Ducky #3 hates me while I give her and her bebbies fresh food and water twice a day. At least they are consistent.  I couldn’t fit her ducklings back into their eggs so they must be growing and very, very cute.  Does the yolk equate to their yellow bits?

In Nursery #1 (now allowed outwith their pen and Daddy joins them in the afternoon), things are also going well.

They seem a very happy little family and I’ve stopped worrying about any of them. I just let them get on with it.  I tried to keep Daddy Duckie out but he would get in somehow.

Seeing baby duckie in the water bowl made me smile.  It is just the right size for a not very wee duckling.

This morning, when I was letting them out for the day, the duckling family discovered my shadow, Pepper.

And she was so good. She just sat there, averting her gaze, showing them she was no and they knew that too.  So I award Pepper with my Best Dog in the World.  She just wants to be friends with everyone and I expect the bebbie duckies are now included in her immense animal family.

3 thoughts on “Best Dog in the World

  1. Judith

    Pepper is certainly a very good girl; it must be tempting but she is not having a snack of duckling. And the one in the tiny pond made me laugh out loud.


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