Bad Behaviour

It was our farrier day today so I wanted to get everyone in one place ready and waiting.  First, the Minions escaped from their paddock (they rushed past OH, which I consider a heinous crime). Rude.

I only knew this when Newt and Silver arrived in the stable. Guessing what had happened, I shut the door fast on them while the other four ran around trying to eat, canter, chat to the Oldies and generally cause chaos.  Again, rude.

Eventually, with some begging and guile and waving hard cash, I got them all into the stable and then moved them one at a time into the school.

So they had a good canter around, giggle, buck and fart and it was nice to see them all move freely.  Later, could I catch them for the farrier?  Could I hell.

I put up haynets and put down buckets of water.

And I think they are all looking fairly good, showing no signs of laminitis now.

Then I went and fetched Fivla and Vitamin.

Everyone was pleased to be together again, even if it was brief – only for the morning.

Sweet boys and girls.

Stephen, the farrier, trimmed only those that needed it.

I had the ponies out of the pen in pairs.  Tiddles and Newt were the last.  While Tiddles was being trimmed, Newt was exploring…. ie helping himself to the hay.

So that’s us until October on the hoof front.  No one had laminitis now.  Waffle and Tiddles showed very slight previous signs of having had it recently but that was all. No permanent damage. I was also pleased for Albie and Storm. It seems I had got them home and on rations in time.  Phew.  Now to clear up the mess left behind in the school. Tomorrow is another day.

4 thoughts on “Bad Behaviour

  1. Nicki

    So pleased everything went well They’re obviously feeling so much better (and showing it) Laminitis juggling is like trying to keep all your plates spinning whilst wearing wellies and a blindfold, but it looks like you’re getting there. Well done xx

  2. Judith

    Well done, Frances, so good to hear they are laminitis free. Thanks for the great photos, especially the cheeky faces.

  3. Kathleen Woolley

    Francis, you do make me laugh. I can just imagine the choice words that were uttered, but would we have it any other way. Shows one thing, they are good and healthy. Keep up the good work !


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