A Day of Wrong

1.  Car wouldn’t start this morning.

2. I went to my weekly flute lesson without my flute or music (a plus side, though, I got to play my teacher’s Rudall Carte which was very very nice).

3.  I forgot my debit card and so was very unpopular paying for petrol by cheque (I always thought cheques were legal tender).

4.  And last, but by no means least, I spent the day worrying about Lambert who went to the vet for a laparotomy and exploration for his non-descended testicle.

Sheep are not the best animals to anaesthetise but this procedure had to be done.  It was a two-vet job and after a good bit of searching, they found the errant testicle attached to a kidney.  It was fully formed so would’ve been fully working, ie producing testosterone.

Lambert is home now with his very own Nurse Lambie in attendance.  I sat in the back of the car with his head on my neck, holding him up while we went round the corners.

The next stage is to get him eating and drinking.  He is still pretty heavily sedated but standing and walking slowly.  I have been told to keep him quiet for the next few days and he can live in his little garden behind the house.

You may think I was stupid to a) put Lambert through this and b) pay for it but he is one of the family and, more importantly, he is Lambie’s best friend so there was no question really in my mind.


So please can I have huge healing vibes, a good appetite and willingness to eat wending their way to Lambert.  I shall go out later and offer him a bottle when he is a bit more awake.

He is an important little dude in our lives at Thordale (even if my OH does not see it!)

14 thoughts on “A Day of Wrong

  1. Bigears

    Spencer had to have that done as well, vets looked at us as if mad, i.e. why not put him in the freezer.

  2. Terri

    The photo says it all — of course you had to have it done. Healing vibes and happy thoughts for recovery are wending their way from the Pacific Northwest! (And please remind OH that it is because of Lambert that Lambie no longer lives/pees in the kitchen.)

  3. Freyalyn

    Yep, he’s a family member, so a completely different thing from the other ordinary sheep (lovely though they are) in the flocks.

    Poor little lovie…

  4. Sam

    Family is who and what we make of it. Your family is delightful and made more so with Lambert.
    Hoping he gets better soon!


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