Efstur’s Big Outside Adventure

Efstur learns new things most days with Daisy and today was no exception.  This time we brought in Uncle Iacs as his companion and role model.

We were going for a walk with a bridle on.  Iacs modelled his and Daisy put on Efstur’s.  He was going to see how it was worn by an old pro.

So we set off, duly attired in our high-viz.

There was lots of practising halting with reassurance and praise for being such a clever boy.

For some strange reason Iacs dragged me off to visit the site where we leave the bin bags so when I turned round to drag him back in the right direction, I saw Efstur and Daisy standing very nicely together.  They looked like a road instruction advert.

Off up the road and Efstur confidently took the lead.

It is a single track road which, in this photograph, looks very narrow.  Most odd.

Encouragement, enthusiasm and rewards at all times.

When we reached our destination, we stopped for a family photo.

And then back home.

So that was today’s training with a lovely walk included.

2 thoughts on “Efstur’s Big Outside Adventure

  1. diane in northern wis

    Awesome pictures and I love your blue skies too. Looks like everybody is doing great and learning a few new things too. I set out the sheep that I bought from you. They are now part of our official Easter decor. They’re very cool, Frances! I have two of the curly and two regular. You did a great job! Thanks again.


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