1000 Photos a Day

My computer is filling up with all the photos I take.  The digital photography age means I snap away and should throw them all away without having to spend zillions getting them developed.  So instead I keep them all on my computer because I am a compulsive hoarder.

I try (on a good day with the wind behind me going downhill), to go through 1000 photos a day and evict the ones that are not up to scratch.  It means the daunting task of reducing 100 GB of data can be made into more bite size and edible chunks.

It is not a bad job (if dull) and I revisit old situations and photos I have forgotten about.  Here are a few from the latest purge.

BN2A0656 BN2A3039 BN2A2958 BN2A3812 BN2A3991 BN2A4262 BN2A4443 BN2A4589 BN2A4909-2 BN2A9715 BN2A9750 BN2A9790 L1010366 L1030502

Today has been rather tiresome playing hospitals, which I can’t be arsed to write about, so I thought I would bore you with these pics, all of which you have probably seen in previous posts.

On a good note though, BeAnne almost played with Loki yesterday before they remembered they don’t do that sort of thing and looked embarrassed instead.  Also, Wuss can nearly be in the same room as Loki so this is all good with still room for improvement.

(I will try harder tomorrow, promise)


2 thoughts on “1000 Photos a Day

  1. Sam

    Everyone needs a break some days from the usual grind. I thank you for giving me that break from the never ending winter in NE USA. Love the Wussums closeup!


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