BeAnne’s starts riding again

Like me, BeAnne has been off riding.  I think she has missed it hugely.  It was her one sport that she really excelled at and enjoyed.

I have pleaded with Janette to ride Iacs regularly now.  We need to reduce his immense girth, and BeAnne offered her help as well, as purely ballast and passenger status.  A bit like using additional weights at the gym.

I hoisted BeAnne on and she started off wobbly with “sea-legs”….


But soon she found her seat.


And together they all ambled around the school.  A very happy little team.


Janette, ever the conscientious rider, took great pains to keep Her Maj aboard. There were regular stops and checks.  BeAnne favours a horse’s winter coat as there is more grip and she tends to stay on better without sliding off.


They all happily relaxed into it and BeAnne’s natural ability returned.


In my opinion, she rides better than some.

BN2A1814 BN2A1817

Next it was Jo’s turn on Hetja, minus the terrier attachment.  I don’t think Hetja would’ve been too amused by having BeAnne’s bum onboard.  There are some things you don’t try and that is one of them. We are trying to get Hetja relaxed and she does not trust us yet to pull that stunt on her.


Bjørn trained Taktur as well which was incredible to watch.  Remember, Taktur is only 4 years old.  I need to pinch myself.


Meanwhile, BeAnne went into a bit of a depression.  Although she can manage a very credible sitting trot, which is more than most, she still is not ever going to be as good as them.  I can relate to this but at least she had a ride.


I have had to promise my ankle surgeon not to get on a horse until next year at the earliest.  So now I am jealous of my dog!


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