The Pot of Gold

There is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow according Irish folklore.


At the end of my rainbow, I have 4 pots of gold (there are 4 Icelandic horses in this field, so qed, 4 pot-bellies of gold!)


That was yesterday evening and today it was beautiful too.  I know for some of you south it has been a tad breezy, but here in Shetland there was not a breath of wind and the sun shone gloriously.  Makes a change as usually it is the other way round.  We suffer, no one mentions it on the news and we just get on with it.


I don’t like to rub it in (ok, I do), but I managed to put out three loads of washing to dry, go for a lovely walk as well as take photos of the sun-bathing boys.


(Is there anyone more handsome?  I think not)


So everyone was outside lapping up the rays.  BeAnne was on guard ready to repel marauders – she sees it as her sole responsibility and spends many hours outside waiting for them.


A little known fact. A Patterdale terrier is never off-duty, you know.


Loki was not letting anyone past the front door, either.


Haakon is back from his holiday at Jo’s.  I found him at the end of my garden waiting for me.  If I am honest, he is probably more like waiting for the biscuit tin.


I said what-ho to the old thing and gave him a sweetie as well.  It is good to see him.  He is still the head of the herd.  You can tell he is related to Iacs – they are cousins with a striking family resemblance although Haakon never does an Idiot-Face quite like Iacs.  He just looks incredibly noble.


Yes, that’s right Daisy Taylor.  You heard me!



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