Beach Babies

Anna and Daisy here…

Today, Mum is a tad stressed out.  She is building a website for someone and coming off painkillers at the same time.  Can’t say we envy her.

So with the car keys in one hand and Mum’s big camera, we went to visit the babies.


Dingo still isn’t interested in people, but we’re getting nearer and nearer.  One day.


Anna has been “training” Zoot by teaching her to come when she whistles.  She thinks it works – yer, right.


Good luck…  Zoot adores her hugs or is it the other way round?


Next, we went on a ride to the beach as it was such a lovely day. Iacs enjoys the feel of the wind in his silly frilly.


Iacs and Hakon aren’t the greatest fans of a beach that they can’t gallop across, so our visit was rather short-lived.  The ride home is always faster than the ride out.


Anna harbours a love of birds, which includes chickens and oyster-catchers.  Her dream is to get near one!  I don’t think they want this much.  We might give a chicken to hug before she goes.



Mum here:  the website is learning to behave (bloody buggering HTML) and the painkillers are making me feel meh.  Rest assured, tomorrow I will be back on form.

2 thoughts on “Beach Babies

  1. Linda

    lovely blog post can I get your blog post by email? would love if possible my dream is to have a pony and trap had one lesson have short legs so can not mount but my husband can
    and many thanks for replying to my question on Shetland link have a good week from Linda and David

  2. Rhonda Lane

    Visiting this blog always makes me feel as if I’ve been on holiday. 🙂 One person’s day2day routine is another person’s adventure. Anyway, good luck and good wishes as to ditching the pain meds.


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