A Pile of Horses

I found a pile of horses and ponies outside my backdoor.  They were snoozing in the sun.


Happy and with no intention of waking up much either.  There was not one horse left on Guard Duty which shows a huge amount of trust in each other and their environment.  In any herd of horses, mostly one is left awake and standing to guard against marauding tigers.


Luckily the tigers were fast a bye-byes too so the marauding will have to be re-scheduled for another day.


It was very sweet to watch and I crept around them trying not to wake any Kraken(s).  They looked so happy in the sun, enjoying its warmth, all together.  I heard no snoring and yes, I did stop to listen.


Taktur woke up and got up to talk to me.  He is looking wonderful his first proper summer in Shetland.


Taktur is “on holiday”, with no work, no nothing, shoes off, for a few months.  This is all part of his training to be a happy, well adjusted Icelandic stallion.  For a 4 year old, he doesn’t look bad imho.


But what do I know?  I just think he is a lovely boy who is very photogenic.


I am not allowed to call him a Mummy’s Boy but he is – he loves His Dear Old Mum.  He follows me, comes when he is called, always turns round to say thank you and likes his nose kissed.  If that doesn’t make him a Mummy’s Boy, I don’t know what does, to be honest.


And then the Krakens woke up so I ran away as I would’ve been nibbled or hassled to death.



She who takes photos and runs away will live to take photos another day (a little known photographic saying).

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