Swimming in Grass

Today is a Monster blog day, so you know.

Here he is sitting on our postbox – the one OH had to make and position outwith our property as Ted came with an ASBO (anti-social behaviour order) from the English police for biting my mother’s postman!

Yes, Ted! Oh, the shame.

So, after rearranging bits of my electric fence, obviously with assistance from everyone furry, I took the dogs for a walk around the fields.

The grass is very high now and Monster, who insisted on coming too, often looked like he was swimming his way through.

But he struggled on doing his best to keep up.

The great white panther hunts…..

When we reached the stream, I sat on a tussock and waited.

Monster even got his little paddy-paws wet.

He didn’t complain about it. Just walked about going where he wanted.

This was the homeward stretch and Monster was walking up a steep hill.

Finally home, and a rest.

Later, this afternoon, I saw the ducklings were checking him out too.  I was making another duck-run as I heard tapping on Mrs Ducky #4.  Exciting times ahead, again.

Do I trust Monster not to eat the ducklings?  I think now this lot are bigger, I probably do and Mum is still very protective.

3 thoughts on “Swimming in Grass

  1. Judith

    As someone with short legs myself I feel it’s only fair to point out that for every step a person with long legs takes we shorties have to take two, or three, so in effect the walk is always much further for us. I like Monster’s determination in crossing the beck. Good for him!


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