Back to Normal

We are home safe and sound.  Phew.  All done and hopefully not to be repeated.  It was exhausting but I had my Painpod zapping quietly away in the background and that made a huge difference.

This time yesterday – Floss and I stopped our mammoth shop for a much-needed cup of tea.

Today, I spent my afternoon in the Minion field trimming feet and spending a little time with Fivla.  The rest had galloped off.

I am trying to master the art of hoof rasping.

I was very kindly given an axle stand that acts as an excellent hoof stand.  It made a huge difference and I rasped Albie (who happened to be in the area and very willing to “help”), Vitamin (who is an old pro) and Fivla because everyone else had suddenly run away.

I was really trying to catch Storm who decided that was never going to happen, giggled, farted and departed taking everyone with him.  I couldn’t be arsed to run after him so caught the only one left – Fivla – and did her feet instead.

As a reward I fed Fivla all the carrots originally designated for everyone.  Their loss.  They were rude.

She was more than happy to eat their carrots.

My back was aching a bit, so I finished up and sat down with my old lady. We had a lovely natter.

A little while later, Fivla politely said good bye and left me to join her friends.

Meanwhile, on my way home, I saw that Lilja was being allowed to sleep next to her sister.

Most interesting. It won’t be long now.



3 thoughts on “Back to Normal

  1. barbara

    I happened upon your site quite accidentally a couple of weeks ago and wanted to let you know that it’s quite lovely. I visit often and enjoy seeing your pictures and reading your posts. They have been such a nice addition to my day. Thank you!


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