Buzzy Bee

The daily Minion check with a friend found me a Shetland bumblebee – well really a non-buzzy more comatose, bee.  So I picked it up off the ledge, emptied out the Minion donation cash float tin kept in the car and placed “Buzzy” in and we drove carefully home.  Sort of like a Bee Ambulance.

Poor little thing was barely moving, let alone buzzing.  Daisy did a quick internet search and found we needed first aid in the form of sugar and water.  I felt more like dunking Buzzy into a sticky mess. There were few signs of life.  The odd leg twitch.

But slowly Buzzy became more animated whilst we read all there is to know about Bumblebee first aid.  We transferred Buzzy, with the aid of various kitchen utensils (I mean what kind of spoon do you use for bumblebee movement – what is the acceptable etiquette here?), to a flowery type sauce for better dippage and drinkage.

Today I learned a lot about rescuing bumblebees and I hope we have done right by our little invalid who now is having a quiet moment in a box in the kitchen while I write this.

This film shows little Buzzy drinking the sugar water and then the second part shows it after transfer to the saucer – the breathing is normal (I checked).

So we shall see if Buzzy survives. I do hope so. I love bumblebees and this one obviously needed saving.

7 thoughts on “Buzzy Bee

  1. Sam

    Most people would not have cared nor made such an effort to save a bee. A critter so vital to our food! Well done, Ladies.

  2. Cathy

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one daft enough to rescue bumblebees! And yes, sugar and water works wonders.

    At the moment I have the opposite problem. My driveway is covered with bees who have got themselves blind drunk on nectar from the escallonia which is in full flower, and clearly irresistible. Yes, I carefully move them each time before I drive out.

  3. Carol

    Wow, fascinating video! Thank you for saving your little Buzzy and thank you for giving us a close-up of how they slurp their nectar. Amazing. I hope she continues improving.

  4. Robyn

    Frances, you are a treasure. I don’t think there are any of God’s creatures you would not rescue. I hope little Buzzy survives. I have found distressed bees in my garden but did not know they could be helped. You and Daisy have enlightened me.

  5. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth

    Yes, I’ve been saving bees this year much more than normal. If I spot them lying on the ground looking dazed I pick them up and put them out of the way. I found a few soaked, cold ones during the bad weather last week – they were tucked somewhere dry and out of the wind with some sugar syrup.


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