Back on the Saddle

Haakon has had some time off to recover from being lame.  To this day, I have no idea why he was lame but I believe in time being a great healer so that is what I gave him – lots of time, shoes off and we would reassess a few weeks later.

So yesterday, as Haakon had stopped being lame, Bjørn, our trainer and farrier, shod him – fronts and backs.

Today it was a nice, if blowy, day, and I thought I would go out for a plod to see how Haakon was now he had shoes on again.

Of course Haakon was snoozing in the morning sun.

Daisy and Kappi decided to come along too.

This is the best sight in my world.

While he has been off work, Haakon has lost a lot of muscle and condition so we thought we would take it slowly.

We went along very happily and I let Haakon make his own decisions based on how he felt.

He tölted a bit and he cantered a little, but mostly we stuck to walk.

He was the same as ever – willing and happy but not very fit.  He didn’t struggle being ridden and we went to the “top of the world”.

He had his usual argument with Kappi and wanted to be at the front.

On the way home, Daisy and Kappi trotted past (that’s them in the far distance – the small dot!)

So, I played music on my iPod and Haakon and I pottered home listening to Al Stewart!

Once the Spring grass appears, I am hoping Haakon will fill out and, with regularly riding, develop muscle.

It was lovely going for a ride again.

2 thoughts on “Back on the Saddle

  1. diane in northern wis

    The pictures are so fun when you’re out riding! Glad to see that Haakon was doing pretty well for being away from it for awhile. Always enjoy seeing Daisy out there too with Kappi. Love your blog. Come on Spring!!!


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