Activity Centre

While my OH was walking Loki around Leradale, I stayed with the Minions to brush them and sit on a rock for a chat.

Instantly, my coat was destined to be eaten.

And Dreki was watching, taking it all in.  What have I done?

I had already rescued my camera from Waffle who took it for a little ride….  And then Tiddles found my precious thermal leather gloves.

I shouted at him to put them down but Tiddles was having none of it.  Yes, I ended up chasing him in circles around the field until I finally got my glove back. He was not sorry.  Not nearly sorry enough.

Silver pretended to be a good boy.

Fivla was beautiful.  Today, I was trying to brush manes and forelocks.

The conditioning spray was carefully hung on the fence.

But only for a short time.

The conditioning spray had no hope. Everyone wanted it.

The brush was doomed too.

Various dfferent ponies made a point of eating my coat.

All my things!

Then, of course, there was the headcollar, which I didn’t use but brought along just in case.

And still Dreki watched. Taking it all in.

Somebody wanted something.

And Dreki was always available to help.

On a good note, I also managed to introduce Dreki to being brushed.  I did his tail.

And a vague attempt at his mane.  He is very sticky from the lick bucket which is his personal friend but he stood still and enjoyed being brushed.

What is that adage?  Never work with animals or children.  I am exhausted from rescuing my personal property from the Minions.  I ended up sitting on a rock just laughing at them.  Best therapy ever.

5 thoughts on “Activity Centre

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I can’t believe it was warm enough for you to remove coat and gloves! I’ve been struggling through snow and bitingly cold winds for the last couple of days.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    They are indeed our children – to care for and laugh with. Hope some of your gear is at least salvageable. In an ironic sort of way, a good day for you!

  3. Terri

    Spring mischief! (wish someone had taken a video of you chasing Tiddles!) They do look quite spiffy after being brushed. Good day indeed!

  4. Sam

    I think the Minions have missed being the center or your attention. But the thought of you chasing Tiddles around the field makes my day!


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