Smug Face

Every sheep, like good little boys, went into their field with the help of a bag of carrots being waved at them. Inspiration and subsequent reward are everything.

All except one.

Lambie went and sat outside the front door.

And waited.

He had a not-so-little friend too to keep him company.

(this is when she puts her head back so I can kiss the top of her head – I luffs her)

Feeling sorry for a poor miserable and now-lonely sheep, I gave Lambie a second breakfast.

And then conveniently my OH went into town.

So guess who came home!

(smug face)

6 thoughts on “Smug Face

  1. diane in northern wis

    awww love that lambie….so smart and adapts well to your house, it seems. great pics. Thanks Frances.


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