Baby is Growing Up!

Everyone is enjoying a day in the weak winter sunshine.  Poor Brá is feeling her pregnancy and spends most of her time either in a dwaam or eating.

Today Brá and Les Grandes Dames had the bale, or rather what was left of it.  Les Grandes Dames wandered off and Brá nodded off by herself on the warm silage.  When she lies down, you can see Brá is getting fairly mahoosive (due the first week of May, I think).


Anywho, I left Brá is peace and went down to the bottom of the field to the old tattie rig to see what Hjalti was up to.


Gosh, he is the spit of his dear old Mum, Hetja.


I think he is going to be tall too.  He is just coming up to 9 months and is already a tall chunky lad.


Hjalti has really come out of himself this winter.  He has good(ish) manners, and can be caught in the field with his purple headcollar, lead nicely, pick up each hoof without a fuss and also be tied up without causing a fuss.  Hetja appreciates this hugely!


He has grown a lovely winter coat and has wintered out very well.  A fuzzy wuzzy bum!


And lovely crinkly mane.


I haven’t weaned him from Hetja yet but I intend to once the Spring grass starts to come in.  Everyone is still being fed hardfeed, anyway.


Hjalti is fairly independent of his mum and looks to Esja as his No 2.  He adores The Minions and many hours are spent jumping on them, especially if they are asleep!


I do think, however, that everyone breathes a joint sigh of relief when he goes to sleep!


Peace then reigneths until Hjalti wakes up and off they all go again!

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