A Different Day

Yesterday, I rode three horses – Haakon (while Bjørn rode Taktur, Klængur (while Bjørn rode Kappi) and Iacs (while Bjørn rode Esja).  I was exhausted.

Today, I did something completely different.  I went into Lerwick to take photos for Bjørn’s new business (yes, he is a hairdresser too).  I like taking photos of people and their hair. It is something different and I enjoy the challenge.

BN2A2698 L1200734

Even the modern stuff!



And I even got to meet this little chap who I totally fell in love with.  I could have easily taken him home but I think BeAnne would’ve been a bit narky.


Anywho, I got home late, fed the horses in the dark and then was met with furious bleating.  Some sheep do not like their routine disturbed.  Ster was pleased to see me and bounced about but Lambie still managed to put up a fight about going to bed.  I don’t know why we dance this dance but he insists so we do and he would be furious with me if I didn’t bother and just left him outside.


Of course, taking photos of humans is all very well but none of them are as beautiful as this lady.

Ok, she may have a face like a horse but, still, she is stunning!


(see what I did there, geddit!)

2 thoughts on “A Different Day

  1. Sam

    Got it! Lambie, like all dogs, likes his routine and woe to those who upset it. Love the last lady face.


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